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2010-09-10 03:54:31 by blacknote

Hey everyone, thanks for all the kind comments and messages. I've not been active on newgrounds for quite some time now, due to studying, personal projects and learning various things.

Anyway, to cut a long story short I'm back now and will be uploading the occasional song for those who're interested or wanted to know.




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2010-10-06 11:46:18

You sir have to be the most secretive person on newgrounds. Your songs are very short yet so very awesome. YOu have no profile, and you barely reveal anything about yourself, your recording and gear and from all of the sudden you return. Finally :P

Awesome stuff, keep it coming

blacknote responds:

Haha! Thanks Isemat! I will be uploading some new stuff soon hopefully, but for now I'll upload the occasional piece of dug up music!


2014-12-21 15:16:35

glad for your return please do us proud!!!!!!!!!!!